Self-made Millionaire Habits



No. 7 – They Are Time Chasers

There is a lot of room for distractions in our noisy world, but self-made millionaires train themselves and they are so goal oriented that they understand that distractions are the devil’s advocate that will prevent them from success.

They don’t spend time on trivial matters and they don’t waste hours in the day looking at television. They spend long hours trying to develop their business but they also understand that rest and breaks are important for efficiency. They are self disciplined even with their time and they make time for what matters.

Admittedly though, some money chasers don’t make time for anything important like family and rest, BUT breaks and relaxation and family time are certainly necessary. (ENERGY MANAGEMENT). You will come back feeling recharged and re-energized with a whole lot of extra energy.

There must be a balance.

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