Customer Pain Points


This book is the second in the Grow Your Business in a Snap! series.

There’s a chance that your competitor is solving your customer’s pain points and you are losing business if you are not addressing your customers pain points. Finding the customer’s pain point is crucial to understanding how to structure your marketing content and your sales pitch.

Many businesses are making the crucial mistake of producing content that fails to demonstrate a solution to their customer’s pain points, thereby creating barriers to their business’s success. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the issues your customers face. Your brand can learn what customers are looking for if you direct your attention to what they need.





To identify customer ‘pain-points’, you can also try the following:-

* Conduct in-depth interviews with your sales personnel.
* Take note of the requests that come from your most important customers.
* Conduct one-on-one customer interviews.
* Pay attention to body language, tone and voice of your customers.
* Use keywords to find out what they search for on the internet.
* Create and engage in customer focus groups.  This is a formal market research method in which your customers participate in a group discussion with other customers. The discussion questions are generally moderated by an independent facilitator.
* Customer user group meetings.
* Regularly review customer support calls or warranty claims on products and services to identify systemic problems.
* Analyze and assess what your competitors are offering.
* Be open to suggestions from other stakeholders in your business.
* Ask open ended questions to allow for customer feedback.


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