The Timely Entrepreneur


THE TIMELY ENTREPRENEUR helps to piece together all you need: the steps, inspirational, soul-shaping ideologies, mantras/affirmations, tips and techniques to jumpstart your  business competitively and take it through to continuity.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Entrepreneurs are fearful and doubtful most times because they don’t know the steps they need to take after their idea. They’re often stricken by emotions like anxiety and stress, and they find it difficult to keep focused as they worry about their success and the future of their business. Most startups fail. But many of those failures are preventable

The Timely Entrepreneur is your go-to business guide.  It will provide you with easy business tips, guides, plans, support and more.

The Timely Entrepreneur’s Handbook will give you the advice and ‘know-how’ you’ve been wanting/needing to push your idea into a reality, viable business venture.

Available in your local bookstores (locations will be listed soon) and via Amazon.





You need to sell something everyday. But how do you do it, while differentiating yourself, your business and your product or service? You have to become a Sales Artist! There’s much to learn about selling.

Selling is much more than just the transfer of goods and services for money. It is an exchange of trust and value. When you sell, you are making a promise to your customer – assurances upon which expectations are based. Your customers expect much from you and your product. Entrepreneurs need to convince their customers that they are business people who can be trusted. This is essential for the success of your business.

Decide upon what your approach would be. Your customers are waiting for you to approach them with the next big thing. You may not know it, but once you’ve gotten a few followers, their anticipation is peaked for what’s in store, especially from a new brand. They hold on to your promise to deliver.

Before you start pitching, know your audience. Take the time to research your targets; know who they are and what their background is. You can try to sell to everyone, but not everyone wants what you have, so it’s important to narrow your niche.

For more on how to sell, get your copy of The Timely Entrepreneur today.


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